EXO Performs in Los Angeles on Valentine’s Day

Cassie Kajai Xiong


South Korean boy band, EXO, debuted with SM Entertainment in 2012. They were comprised of 12 total members but nine members currently remain. Throughout the years, they have gained tremendous global support.

In April of 2015, they were ranked 90th on U.S. Billboard 200, braking the highest record for male artists in South Korea. They proved their popularity with world tours to other parts of Asia, North America, and Canada. With limited shows in the United States, they chose to perform in Los Angeles, California. The concert was on February 14th, at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.

People from all over the world came to the event. I had the opportunity to interview Shannon Duncan, the first person in line. From Phoenix, Arizona, Shannon and her sister drove six hours to be able to attend. She arrived at the concert venue at 3:00 a.m. in the morning.

Another fan that I found extremely captivating was Mi Young Kim. Mi Young is from South Korea. I asked her why she would come all the way to America when EXO holds plenty of concerts in South Korea already. She said, “Because I am a very big fan and I want to see all of EXO’s stages whether it is in South Korea or America or anywhere else.” That is indeed a dedicated fan!

I also interviewed Sammy Taylor from Canada. Sammy said the flight was about 5 hours long and she came directly from the airport. I asked if she felt tired or jet-lagged. Enthusiastically, she answered, “I am a bit tired but I am more excited to see the beautiful faces of EXO!” Eco has definitely carved their place in people’s lives.

While others were waiting in line for the concert to begin, there were many activities going on. Fans were passing out EXO Valentine’s day candy packs that they had personally made. Some were passing out concert banners with words like, “EXO BE MY VALENTINE,” and “YOU’RE MY XOXO L.O.V.E.” The environment was very positive, friendly, and fun. Some even passed out pictures and hand-fans of he EXO members to be held during the concert.

While in line, I discovered quite an interesting fan club called Xing Park Overseas. Most of the group members were Chinese. They were creating a project for EXO member, Lay, because he was not present at the concert due to conflicting schedules. The plan is to send all of the fan letters to assure him that he is being missed. It was a very sweet gesture.

After an extremely long and hot day of waiting, the concert finally opened its doors at 5:00 p.m. By the time everybody was inside, it was about 7:00 p.m. and everybody was excited for the show to finally begin.

EXO opened the floor with Overdose, the song that made it to Billboard 200 in 2015. A full house, the pit was more than full and there were almost no empty seats. A place filled with people eager to hear their idols, some experienced complications during the event. Three people failed because it was crowded and there was no room for air.

nevertheless, everyone enjoyed the show and praised about the amazing experience. EXO performed a variety of songs from ballads to R&B to hip-hop. After a 3-hour show, fans joined in to say EXO’s slogan, “We Are One.”