Letter From The Editor-May 9, 2016

Lisa Lee


Dear Readers of APR,

As we reach the final stretch, we scramble away at last minute projects, exams, and/or paperwork before the close of the semester. While some deal fairly well under pressure, others find it difficult and mentally exhausting.

The staff and I asks that you take a moment to skim and read the stories we’ve compiled. We hope that through these stories, you are able to relate to what is happening within the Asian American and/or Asian community.

In light of awkward situations at the Oscars this past February, how did you think Chris Rock, comedian and show host, should’ve handled the remarks in his opening dialogue?

Despite the divide of two countries, when do you think both North and South Korea will finally settle at a compromise? From recent news, we are finding that North Korea are sending threats and have claimed to possess a Hydrogen bomb that is way more powerful than any bomb ever created. Let us see what the future holds.

And finally, after decades of teaching and contributing to the community, our very own Fresno State Anthropology professor, Dr. Franklin Ng, has finally retired after many years of hard work. The first in his family to graduate from college, his passion for Asian American and International Studies has contributed immensely to our university. The Asian Pacific Review wishes Dr. Ng a wonderful retirement.

Before we end our final paper of the semester, we would like to thank the Collegian staff, especially Cheryl Carlson, Richard Marshall, and Troy Pope, for always lending a hand in helping to make sure our papers were printed. We couldn’t have done it without you all, thank you again.

We would also like to thank your advisors, Vang Vang and Dr. Joy Goto for their inputs and thoughts and continued support.

Last for not least, thank you to all readers who have been keeping up with us. We hope you enjoyed our stories.

See you all next fall!


Lisa Lee, Editor-in-Chief