Hmong Alumni Club Collaborates with The Asian Business Institute and Resource Center to Host Fundraising Event

Photo courtesy of Justine Cha

On Friday, October 21st, 2016, the Asian Business Institute and Resource Center (ABIRC) hosted its First Annual Golf Tournament. The event took place at the Riverside Golf Course in Northwest Fresno. Various community members and businesses came out to support the event and its great cause.

Samantha Yang represented both ABIRC and the Hmong Alumni Club at this fundraising event. She currently serves not only as a board member at ABIRC but also as the President of the Hmong Alumni Association at Fresno State. She shared about her involvement in the First Annual Golf Tournament and the overall purpose of the fundraising event.

“ABIRC has partnered up with the Fresno State Hmong Alumni Association to raise funds for ABIRC and to raise funds for Fresno State’s Hmong Alumni Association. We both started out this year and so we thought that it would be a good opportunity to get business leaders together to enjoy some golf and do some fundraising at the same time.”

The money raised from the entire event will also be going directly to help fund local scholarship opportunities. Samantha elaborated about the future plans for that scholarship award.

“With Fresno State’s Alumni Association, our goal is to endow a scholarship. We haven’t exactly worked out the details quite yet but we know that we want to establish an endowment with Fresno State’s Alumni Association. We definitely want to tie a cultural aspect to it. We’re hoping to be able to award either incoming freshmen or students who are interested in the Hmong minor at Fresno State.”

The details are still being worked out and finalized but the Hmong Alumni Association is aiming to raise enough funds to award a yearly $5000 scholarship to local Fresno State students. The money raised from both the registration fees and ticket sales at this fundraising event will help assist in these academic aspirations.

Aside from golf tournament that was going on throughout the day, the also event provided various amenities for participants which included complimentary gift bags, traditional Hmong rice porridge for breakfast, and tri-tip sandwiches for lunch. It also showcased a raffle that encouraged participants and volunteers to purchase tickets in the hopes of winning a variety of great prizes provided by ABIRC and other community partners and contributors.

Along with fundraising events such as this one, the Hmong Alumni Association is also involved in other community projects. Samantha shared about the association’s upcoming plans for the remainder of the year.

“Fresno State’s Hmong Alumni Association is also teaming up with Toys for Tots this year. We’re signing up needy families and we’re hoping to distribute toys to them this year. It gives us a reason to really come together during the holidays to just put our fundraising efforts to the side and just do something with the community and with our fellow Hmong alumni.”

The Hmong Alumni Association will be involved in registering local families, wrapping toys, and delivering the gifts. For more information about getting involved, email Samantha Yang at