Holy; the most celebrated spring festival in India is the festival of colors. It thrills and enchants everyone to get drenched in liquid hues: ‘Gulal’ and shimmer of colorful dry colors:  ‘Rang’. The celebrations of Holi came up with mouthwatering delicacies to savor with a range of customs, rituals and traditions – Holi is celebrated widely in India rejoicing the Unity in Diversity.

It celebrates love of Radha and Krishna (Indian God and Goddess), victory of good over evil. It is a festival of romance and colloquial pranks. It is commemorative to seek the blessings of Gods for good harvests and fertility of land. The festival to shake off from the shackles of conflict, shun annoyances and evade over social taboos with an exuberant shout ‘Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai’. (Don’t be angry, it’s holi). 

This merry carnival of mid-spring was in full swing at at O’Neill park. Indian Student Club of Fresno state celebrated the festival of Holi on 11 march Saturday at 11 am. Around 35-40 students participated in the event. The whole park got flushed with colors and students hailing with it, flinging colors at each other and splashing water guns full of colors, filled balloons sated with the Holi intoxicating drinks. The sounds “Holi Hai” It’s Holi were heard The festival seems a lot like the people who celebrate it-warm, generous and boisterous. The faces of the people playing it seemed like a painter’s palette.

The whole event seemed synonymous with fun. There was a DJ playing folk songs and everyone danced to its tunes. To add more to it there were mouth savoring delicacies like samosas (Indian fried dish); kalakand (Indian Dessert) and subway box.

Kartheek Lingam, student, shares his views cherishing the Holi saying “On a land which is 8500 miles away from home, working with a busy schedule day and night. A day out with colors and friends was just full of love.”

Sagnik Mitra says ,“Bright splashing colors and water balloons brought of fresh air to out tired souls. My spring started from the rainbow of all great emotions and nostalgia.”

Joy and giddiness collide in the fog of pigments. It was a traditional fest that united with the modern wave. Indeed it was Wholly Holi!