Indian Student Club celebrated Janamasthami on August 14, 2017 at University Student Union Room number 312. Almost 50 students joined this ceremony. Janamashtami is an annual Hindu festival, marks the birth of Hindu Lord Krishna. Celebrations involve the Dance- drama enactments of the life of Krishna, devotional singing  and fasting.

The celebrations started with all the students meeting each other with a mission to binding them together and introduce themselves. Students from all religions and regions joined this celebrations to evoke the spirit that “God is One”. The celebrations also included the information about the upcoming elections for the ISC council. Dr. Sarah Lam, the Assistant Vice President for International Affairs graced the occasion with her presence. Interesting games like binding the cords was placed to share ones hobbies, interests and expectations from the Fresno State. ‘Diya’ an Indian oil lamp was lighted in front of the picture of Lord Krishna as a ritual to express ones devotion and love for the God. It was followed by serving of Parshad to everyone which was brought from the birth place of Lord Krishna in Mathura, India.

Ramandeep Kaur, ISC member, majoring in Biology Pre Medical said “ Being a believer of Sikh religion. It was joyful to know about the Hindu festival Janamashtami. Now, it seems to me that we share a common platform and the two religions are just extended communities ”.

The end of the celebration was done with the chart and review session in which the students wrote their expectations from the new Council of the ISC.